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By popular demand,  
"More Sonny Thoughts for Cloudy Days" is ready for ordering and gift giving! Sonny has taken 300 more "thoughts" selected from his Thoughts for the Day posted on Facebook each day and put them into his third book. Inspire someone and get them this book today. Give yourself a present. Sonny's daily thoughts have earned him a following in the social media arena. He has been called a "modern day Plato". Sonny's answer to that is, "I always liked Play Doh!"
Check out his 'Thoughts for tyhe day' on Facebook at Salvatore Sonny Grosso.
Get "More Sonny Thoughts for Cloudy Days" here and receive an autographed copy or order directly through
After the success of Sonny's first book, 
The Butterfly and The Dinosaur, Sonny presents his new book titled
"The Monster Down The Block".
Sonny describes it as "A touching story about three mischevious kids who play a prank on a grouchy old man who lives down the block. The prank backfires and after some tense and comical moments, they all learn a lesson about life and each other. This is a great story for all ages and all families!"
"The Monster Down The Block" is destined to become a classic story. No matter where you lived and grew up, everyone had that cranky or scary neighbor. In life we are quick to jump to conclusions and judegements about people without ever taking the time to know them or at least understand them. This book focuses on that. I hope everyone enjoys the book and tells all their friends and family!"
Order "The Monster Down The Block"righthere and receive a personally autogrpahed copy or order directly through!
MY NEW BOOK!! (2010)
After a year of posting my "Thoughts for the Day" on Facebook each morning, I am proud to announce that I have taken 180 of them and put them into my book, "Sonny Thoughts for Cloudy Days". They are simple "thoughts", based on personal experiences and on the ups and downs of life that others have shared with me. In this world of highs and lows, where the lows seem to last longer, I hope that my "thoughts" help each of you at one time or another, to look at life through your heart and not your eyes and ego. Order right here or visit (searchwords: Sonny Thoughts and see the link. An immediate download is available there for only $5.99.
Thank You!
Sonny Thoughts for Cloudy Days
Sonny Thoughts for Cloudy Days
My New Book
Heaven's Phone
Heaven's Phone
written, arranged and sung by ME! Available at
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