Author - Lyricist - Vocalist - SONNY  GROSSO is "The Songfather"
Check  out my interview on Verizon TV, MYLITV. Click the link:
Check out the article by Janene Mascarellafrom Long Island Exchange! Thank you Janene for getting the word out and for being so gracious to this dinosaur.
Check out my interview with my man Rob Rush from 94XFM (94.3)! Thanks for the love and support Rob!
Michael Scavuzzo Great article Sonny, congrats on the success. I especially liked your explanation of why you wrote the book. I can relate... Things happen that make you look at your life and change the way you look at yourself and the world... I'm glad to know you and the mark you have left on the world... Keep writing!
Gina Capobianco what a nice interview, just how you answered the questions shows how well versed you are! It must feel so good to be involved with so much and with so many people, you have really left your mark as they say! I can't help to realise how much time I have wasted doing nothing, I'm so glad you didn't, you will inspire a lot of young people not to either...

Together again with Rob Rush! My song, "Heaven's Phone" was featured on his radio show "Uncharted", on 94.3 The Shark. Check out the link below! My song is the last one!!! :))))
It's also on ITunes and Spotify! Help a guy out nd get the song! 

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