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 About The Author
Salvatore "Sonny" Grosso was born and raised in New York/Long Island. He has been in the security and private investigation business for over 30 years.
His tough guy exterior hides a much softer side
which comes through warmly in his writing.
He has published over 50 poems and his first book,
"The Butterfly and The Dinosaur", published in 2010, has done well. While battling and defeating cancer in 2007, he took that time to re-think the priorities of life and it's lessons. Everyone who knows him, fully appreciates his love of children and the important roles we all must play in their development into adulthood.
The book teaches that we are never too old to learn a valuable lesson about life, love, friendship and letting go unselfishly. He shares this lesson with children of all ages, races and creeds. His unique writing style delivers a powerful yet subtle message that is easily understandable to the adult, teacher and child.
"The writing of this book opened my life to meet new people and reconnect with old ones. On July 11, 2010, I met someone at a book signing and as the saying goes, "the rest is history". My Bella has been the inspiration for many poems and songs you will find here. She continues to amuse and abuse me and I wouldn't have it any other way"- Sonny Grosso
Mr. Grosso has published his second "kids" book, THE MONSTER DOWN THE BLOCK, where another life's lesson is taught through humor, illustrations and honesty in a light hearted style suitable for all "kids" of all ages.
In between he has written two "inspiration" books taken from his daily "Thought for the Day" he posts on Facebook. Heartfelt and original quotes designed to help others not just face life, but look at it from unselfish angles! 

In 2012, he recorded and released "A Sandy Christmas" where Sonny recorded his favorite Holiday songs. A portion of the sales went to the victims of Hurrican Sandy.

In 2013, he recorded and released "Bella", a handpicked collection of love or as Sonny calls them, "snuggle songs". 

In 2014, Sonny was back in the studio to record his newest CD "BAM!". More "snuggle songs" by Sonny, now known as "The Songfather". Released in late January 2015, sales have sparked the sales for Bella too! 
NEW FOR 2015!!!    NEW FOR 2015!!!    NEW FOR 2015!!!!

Sonny"The Songfather"Grosso has released his third CD titled "BAM!" The Songfather sings his heart out, delivering 20 love songs, fun songs, a few surprises and his very own and much requested "Heaven's Phone." Order a few today! 



In December 2012, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Sonny recorded and released his Christmas CD, "A Sandy Christmas" where he donated a portion of each sale to help the victims. That continues in 2013. Order a few copies and spread the cheer.

Also in 2013, he has recorded and released his new CD "Bella"
Love and fun songs from the Rat Pack era. Inspired by his real life "Bella", he sings his heart out crooning, swooning and quite possibly mooning. Also available here and like all things ordered, they come signed by Sonny! 

Sonny has written a song about the book called "Dinosaurs Don't Fly". He collaborated with Jac & Jill, (rising stars in the music industry, who released their debut CD in 2010.
Visit them at 
Get "Dinosaurs Don't Fly" at iTunes OR order a book and receive your very own copy of "Dinosaurs Don't Fly"!
Go to YouTube, (search words Sonny Grosso) and check out Sonny's brand new song "Heaven's Phone" Written, arranged and performed by Sonny! Available at, iTunes, Amazon, Fandango! 
Use Heaven's Phone 24 hours a day and call an Angel in Heaven!

Check out his other works on YouTube while you're there! 
Visit Sonny on Facebook @ Salvatore Sonny Grosso
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